Husmak | About Us

Husmak | About Us

Humsak is one of the top Quality manufacturer in the field of professional food processing machinery in Turkey. Our experience goes back to decades of work and dedication to the food industry. Our company was founded as a sales company to begin with. Followed by many years of direct sales contacts with buyers made us to understand the exact requirement of buyers. To provide best choice with Quality and a reasonable prices to our customers, Humsak started producing its own products.  

Decades passed by, yet Humsak continue to remain in action with its continual research and development activity, seeking always new and fresh innovative ideas to come up with new concepts in order to serve Food Industry.  

The Humsak production plant and office are located in Istanbul, just a few kilometres from Airport, in an Industrial Old İstanbul. Each year, equipped with the latest industrial technology. This finetech plant produces machines and equipment that are high grade in quality, design and mechanism. The most advance machines are made with high technology being used to bring the most efficient quality product.  

Our company constantly aims to design and manufacture the New products with uppermost and exceptional quality work. Our made equipments are for use in the wide areas such as Food processing industries, food sector, restaurants, cafés, food distribution, butchery sector and meat processing plants, supporting food processors to perform their work in accurate, efficient, rapid, hygienic and safe conditions.  

Mission of Humsak is to entertain the customers in terms of their use of products. We intend to understand our customers need accurately, completely and to find fresh solutions fort hem to bring their work easy. Our customers, remains the most valuable guide and source to us to understand the current market demand and forth coming demand and also the future expectations. Our continual progress credentials goes to our customers.  

Already we have quality products, yet Husmak product range is constantly being under development and upgrading process for to reach the stage of perfection and beyond. Husmak is one of the flag company in the field of machines for professional cooks and restaurants in general. The products are often made with many different sorts in order to provide the customers to choose wide range and satisfy their needs.  

Complying with international standards in the field of hygiene and safety is a core issue for Husmak. Our company is the most sensitive and strict for such delicate food sector as its related to Human safety.  

Husmak is a company always awaits to adopt any new ideas and to shape these ideas into possibility..